What data should you back up in your business? Essentially you want to back up the most critical data. What can you not live without? If you’re a one-man-show and you have one computer backing up is really easy. Go get yourself a carbonite subscription, it costs between $60 to $120 or $130 bucks, and back up that computer. It’s going to contain almost everything essential on that computer, all your, “My documents, your favorites, your desktop items.” It might not contain all your email, like you’re, “Outlook PST files,” those can get rather large. It might not be backed up by default so you’ll want to check that out. You can always call Carbonate Support and have them help you out with that.

Once you get little bigger, have 3 to 5 people you might want to be doing local image-based backups. Get what’s called a NAZ Device, and those can cost upwards of a thousand dollars but it might be right in your budget when you get to 3 to 5 people. A NAZ Device is a network attached storage device. It’s like having a hard drive device and usually it’s redundant. There’s two of them and they mirror each other. You keep it in your office, you’re computers backup, a snapshot like a picture of the computer to that device and then take changes every day. Anything that changes it’ll back up the changes every day. Those devices I think I said, they’re like a thousand dollars and they’re worth their weight in gold if something breaks.

Then you can also do a cloud backup. Cloud backups are essential if there’s a fire. A NAZ device is local and it’s only happening here but if you do a Carbonite Pro Subscription, it’s about $269 for a year. You can back up about 3 to 4 computers with it on average depending on how much data you’re storing on each computer, but our experience has been about three to four. It backs it up to the cloud, if there’s a fire, there’s a flood all the computers get ruined, your essential data is in the cloud. What’s the cloud? The cloud is essentially a server off-site, kept in a data center. What’s a data center? A data center is a secured building made out of fortified concrete, concrete reinforced with steel.

There’s multiple data centers and servers, which is essentially the cloud. It’s servers in these buildings replicated between each other, so your stuff’s not just kept on one computer, it’s on multiple computers all over the United States, sometimes all over the world. You want to keep your stuff up there, it’s safe, and it’s a lot safer than our offices. Pay the $269 bucks, keep your stuff in the cloud.