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Is using the Cloud as safe (or safer) than backing up files locally (on your server or PC)?

By March 8, 2016 2 Comments

I get the question a lot, is cloud safer than local? A lot of people are scared to let their critical and their personal stuff be uploaded and stored somewhere they can’t see, they can’t feel, they can’t touch, somewhere off in the middle of nowhere where they don’t even know where it’s at. You know, I understand that fear, but it all comes down to who designed it? Personally, we feel that Microsoft, they have teams and teams of engineers who designed their data centers with the military specifications of security where things are designed to the utmost secure they can possibly be. I think a team of engineers who came from Harvard can design security better than most local IT firms who come in and set up a local network.

Sometimes you hear of hacks like Target, or Home Depot or stuff like that. It happens. Nothing is 100%, but it comes a lot closer than a local IT firm can. I would trust our data in the cloud. I do trust our data in the cloud. If I were you, I would probably trust your data in the cloud.


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