Okay. What are security layers and why do you need them? Pretty much, security layers are layering security like when you’re out in the cold, you want to layer your clothes so it’s most effective against the cold. Security is the same thing. You want to layer your security outward in in your business. Pretty much, think of your business as protecting yourself from the cold. You have multiple ways to get in to your business. You have the internet pipe coming in through Comcast or whoever your provider. You have your wireless. People can sit in the parking lot and get in through your wireless. First thing you want to have is a good firewall. Your internet and the wireless will both come in through your firewall. You have a good firewall, like a SonicWall. A SonicWall start at 600 bucks. They can run upwards from there. If you have a decent-sized business, over 4 or 5 people, you might want to spend that $600 plus on a good firewall. If you’re a smaller one-man shop, you prefer operating on to your house then you don’t want to spend that much money.

That’s the first layer, is your firewall. Second layer as you go in is going to be the network. You’re going to have your network switch, which most cases isn’t going to be any protection. But then you’re going to have your computers after that and you’re going to have all the security patches down on your computers, which starts with Windows if you’re running a Windows network. You have all of the up-to-date security patches for Windows, all the programs you use, like if you use Adobe, Microsoft Office, those kinds of things, all of those should be up-to-date, like the little Java update you get that are so annoying. You want to run those updates but un-check the boxes where they want to install Ask toolbar and all of the extras. A good IT firm will be able to update those for you and turn those off so you’re not getting inundated with junk. Lastly, your antivirus. You want to have a good antivirus on your computer. I would not advise Norton. In the recent past year or 2, Norton has been less than great.

I’ve been seeing a lot of computers affected with Norton showing a little green check mark. Nowadays, check out Kaspersky, Webroot, and Eset. Those are typically great antiviruses and you’re going to be paying about 40-50 bucks a license a year but it’s worth it. You want to invest in your business and you don’t want to pay to clean up viruses. It’s going to cost you more in the long run. Those are pretty much layers. It’s about 3 layers and it’s worth it.