Ever lost something because your computer suddenly went off?

The power goes out, your computer shuts off, and the list you just spent 10 minutes making is lost? Intro here for Windows Sticky Notes – your new best friend.

For years I’ve used notepad to keep notes and more recently Microsoft OneNote, but about a year ago I ran into a little program already baked into Windows 7 called “Sticky Notes.” Why is this little program so awesome? Its awesome because if your computer automatically restarts or shuts off for any reason, the note persists and will pop back up when the computer comes back on! REALLY Cool.

Now here’s the catch…. and this took me a bit to get used too… if you click the little X at the top-right of the Sticky Note, the note is DELETED, gone forever, no recovery. It acts as if a real sticky note is dropped in a shredder – its finito. The learning curve here is NEVER close your sticky notes until you no longer need them. They can persist in the background indefinitely and isn’t that how real stick notes operate?

Sticky Notes sample

Sticky Notes sample

Stick Notes is available in the following versions of Windows 7:

  • Home Premium
  • Professional
  • Ultimate
  • Enterprise

To start using Sticky Notes click the Start menu > All Programs > Accessories > Sticky Notes

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